Spring is Here / by Jen Bachelder

When you can't do it all

As the last weeks of 2015 zoomed by, I was still hopeful I could make the time to get my 2016 TrashCal done and voiced so much anytime I was asked. This was a mistake in that I had to tell all those folks no when they followed up. Talk about salt in the wound. In the closing days of December, my friend Krissy started joking that I should make and ship each month one at a time. Fun, but not super efficient.

This conversation came to mind on Easter morning when I was thinking of flipping the page on my non-trash substitute calendar. What if I could send a fresh calendar page each month without making new physicals?


April's cool purple cityscape was one of my favorite feature images from my 2015 TrashCal. I pulled up the original scans and print-ready files to create an iPhone-sized calendar ready for 2016. Here it is; here's how I send one month at a time.

You can download this PNG to use as the lock screen wallpaper on your iPhone from Dropbox.

If I took the time to create a similar treatment for use on your laptop, would you want a calendar as your background or screensaver?


Title Photo: Ashley Rowe via Unsplash