Good Intentions, Trashy Motivations / by Jen Bachelder

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Riot Fest is Getting Trashy

Each year, I create a calendar featuring twelve new collages that I made the year before. When issuing a call for help collecting event wristbands for a calendar cover, it struck me that maybe Riot Fest could be a platform for doing something bigger. Something for the surrounding community. Something for the greater good.

Besides putting on my favorite music festival every year, Riot Fest works with the community to care for Douglas Park. They host volunteer days like Douglas Park Beautification Initiative and encourage attendees to pick up trash throughout the festival. This year, I’m hoping they’ll bring some of that trash to me.

I’m going to create a collage, live, at Riot Fest, of Riot Fest, using nothing but trash from Riot Fest.

When trash is your medium, every new piece made provides clues as to where you’ve been. This collage will be an evolving time capsule of Riot Fest 2019 (Sept.13-15).

The Goals

A Cleaner Park: I’m hoping if you guys are looking for trash for the collage, maybe you'll be more aware of what's on the ground around you. I want everyone to participate in the pick-up, whether you're giving the trash to me or putting it in a bin.

A Donation to Charity: The final collage will be sold at the end of the festival with all proceeds going to The Riot Fest Foundation (more details on the sale process coming soon).

Riot Fest Foundation

The Riot Fest Foundation’s mission is to rally artists and fans to awaken passions, amplify dreams, and enhance under-served communities by fostering creative development, supporting charitable organizations, and through civic endeavors.

… The RFF inspires artists and amplifies communities by providing grants to charitable organizations, investing in youth development and education, and by cultivating music resources and expertise to help execute programs and events in schools, parks and communities.

How You Can Help

Bring Me Your Trash!

The plan can only work if you kind people deliver some top notch garbage. I’m packing my staple gun, tin snips, and drill — I’ll attempt to use whatever you find for me.

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 9.23.38 AM.png

If you’re wondering, I do have a wish list. Here are a few things I’d love to get:

  1. Discarded Set List

  2. Torn T-Shirt

  3. Broken Sunglasses

  4. Punctured Inflatable

  5. Empty Merch Box

  6. Forgotten Flip Flop

  7. Battered Booze Box

  8. Shredded Fest Map

  9. Misplaced Gum Wrapper

  10. Moist Water Bottle Label…

Clean Up After Yourself

Sure, I’d love it if you delivered the fest’s most interesting trash to my booth, but the next best option is to keep the park as clean as possible.

Tell Your Friends

I imagine word about this project will spread naturally throughout the festival, meaning more and more folks will participate as we move into Saturday and Sunday. However, if we can spread the word a bit before the festival starts, that would provide a huge boost for Friday’s progress.

I’ll be posting new details about the project and images you can share on Instagram leading up to opening day.

Have We Met?

Just in case you’re new here and wondering what the heck is going on, I make stuff out of trash. More specifically, I specialize in surreal landscapes made out of garbage. I’ve focused on this never-ending medium for almost 10 years.