Fostering Great Events /// The Prop / by Jen Bachelder

You know Victor? Victor Saad. Of course you know Victor. He's easily got the largest network of both business and personal contacts of anyone I know. He once texted me a photo of himself with another friend of mine that he met at an event in North Dakota. North Dakota, folks.

Victor and I first met at a networking event in 2010. After chatting for a few minutes, he invited me to an art show he was hosting three months from that date. When the day of the show came, I reluctantly drug myself across the city to see what it was all about. I'm glad I did as we've been partnering on projects ever since.

At the time, Victor was working on a project called The Prop, which provided our first opportunity to work together.

The Prop idea is simple: connect people already doing great things to increase their impact on the world.

The staff needed a workbook to use from the moment they considered an event, all the way through the event close. We wanted to offer some general content that would apply to most events while leaving space in the margins for notes and changes.

Anytime color-coding is an option, I am all in. We used four colors, one for each role, to label duties throughout. 

These call and conversation prompts are an example of the general content we were able to provide as quick reference material for the staff. We also included a suggested timeline to track planning progress.