Wedding Invitations /// Leah & Aaron / by Jen Bachelder

Second Set

Ready for the second invitation for this season?

Most small projects (work created for individuals instead of my business contacts) I work on find their way to me via word of mouth referrals. This project is one rung closer to home as the groom is one of my closest friends from college. Interestingly, the bride also attended my very small school, but we never met. On a campus of 1400, this is tough to do. Aaron and Leah had their meet cute during our junior year, but didn't start dating until long after graduation.

The Great Gatsby

When the couple first mentioned their vintage 1920's theme, I wanted to start designing immediately. Leah's Pinterest board (above) was covered in gold, sequins, and pearls. Absolutely fabulous.


Double Wammy

I'm all about doubling down to maximize ROI. Leah and Aaron subscribe to the same school of thought. We pushed up the send date for the Save the Dates so they could pull double-duty with some "Happy Holidays" copy. Must be that Marietta College education!

Final Package

While working on the first three options, I felt like I was close, but just not quite there (remember -- I'm trying to vary each option significantly to narrow in on the couple's unique taste). I asked the bride and groom for an extra day or two to put together one final look. My instincts were right as they picked the 4th style and had no changes.

I ask a lot of questions at the beginning of the design process. A lot. To be honest, I could probably ask more style and design questions. Instead, I lean toward logistical questions. This is probably partially due to my brief history as an event producer, but it does give me an edge in advising on the information to include or ask of their guests.

In this instance, the rehearsal will be immediately followed by a large picnic for the party, family, and guests who traveled long distances. We decided to create two versions of the RSVP, one for folks invited to the rehearsal picnic and one for folks invited to the ceremony only.


All that glitters

As excited as I was about the set design, I was also a little nervous about faking the gold copy with an elaborate clipping mask and gradient. Seriously risky. Luckily, the final prints came out very similar to the digital look and feel.

Ask me how I felt when the couple approved a natural white envelope with a gold foil interior? Golden tickets for everyone!

Final Touches

The mailing information was printed in black using the same typefaces as the invitations. I found gorgeous black and white sketch stamps. Sometimes, even the post office wants everything to be perfect.



Title Image: Unsplash via Nathan Walker