Hosting Family / by Jen Bachelder

It can be difficult to host family around the holidays. The larger the family, the more complicated hosting gets. After years of hosting my very large family, my uncle has started taking a few minutes before dinner to remind us all of the rules. For his Christmas gift this year, I interviewed family members to collect the full range of rules that have been shared over the years.

Here's what they shared:

Guest Coats: Guests can hang their coats in the center section of the closet by the front door.
Foyer: There is no loitering in the foyer. Once you decide to leave, it’s time to get out. You have one minute.
Food: Jack and Debbie will prepare more delicious dishes than your little stomach can handle. If you haven’t already, you should be stretching. If you stick around long enough, once Jack wakes up from his nap, seconds will be served.
Drinks: The refrigerator in the kitchen is likely full of goodies for the main course. Drinks, both alcoholic and non, may be found in the refrigerator in the lower level.
Dessert: As they should be, desserts are placed in a handful of areas around the main level. There are likely cookies and candies on the counter separating the kitchen and the living room. Pies, cakes, and more cookies can be found on the dining room table.
Dishes: Listen up! This may be the most important information you hear all day. Dishes, paper or otherwise, should be rinsed and stacked near the sink.
Compost: Biodegradable waste should be disposed in the Folgers can under the kitchen sink.
Recycling: Cans and bottles should be placed in the recycling bin behind the trash can.
Questions: Please feel free to direct any questions to the host He would rather answer your question than correct your mistake. Proper grammar is greatly appreciated. Errors will be corrected immediately — without remorse.

A quick sketch of the kitchen, and tah dah!

Title Block Photo: Jonathan Pielmayer via Unsplash