You're the Pineapple of My Eye / by Jen Bachelder

Wonder Woman herself, Kristen Keane, recently proposed a lovely personal work for her sister's big birthday gift this year. She wanted a relatively small piece that would work hanging or sitting on a desk. Something lively, but not overly flashy. Something featuring a pineapple. *Figure out how to insert cute emoji here.* 

Kristen mentioned that she liked the mosaic/acrylic duo of my pet portraits. When she then pointed to a simple shadow box as another aesthetic she liked, a beautiful plan was hatched. We worked together on a digital mock up and hit the ground running.

The small shadow box I chose only had two options for layers, the background and the front glass. To float and protect my mosaic and the text, I created them backward on the inside of the front glass.

After finishing the glass portion, it was clear that the flat acrylic shadow from the mock up was not necessary. No matter where the box was, plenty of shadow was cast by the paper and paint.

When this project started, I wasn't expecting an opportunity to relinquish some control of the final look. Those shadows though. All of my favorite projects have this in common. Who knows what USPS is going to do to my postcards after I mail them? I can definitely get with the Dada school of art, embracing the unplanned and unpredictable.

They were experimental, provocatively re-imagining what art and art making could be. Using unorthodox materials and chance-based procedures, they infused their work with spontaneity and irreverence. /// MoMA

Chance-based procedures? Sign me up.


Title Photo: Pineapples Photography via Unsplash