Pet Project /// Two Socks / by Jen Bachelder

Meet Two Socks

Two Socks' portrait creation is one of my favorite stories.

I really enjoy being part of the gifting process, so when I finished Moose, I wrapped him up and proudly delivered him for gifting at Christmas. Turns out, the fella he was ordered for was overseas for the holiday. His fiancé has planned to show him the portrait via Skype. When it was time for the big reveal, the recipient was not alone at the other end of the video chat.

One of his buddies saw the portrait and thought it would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift for his fiancé.

This project inspired two of my favorite pictures: opening the gift (which was screenshot via Skype) and a very embarrassed cat sitting next to his portrait.

On the left: my reaction to what's on the right: my Valentines Day present from Cameron. Some women get flowers, some get jewelry, some get chocolate... I get a giant portrait of my cat.... Cameron Amigo, I wouldn't have it any other way ! Haha I love you !!! - Brooke

Now I ask all my clients to take a photo of their pet next to the portrait.

Remember Frank? So good.


Cover Photo: HAYSTAAK via