Wedding Invitations /// Matt & Michelle / by Jen Bachelder

I love Fridays. Fridays are reserved for small projects and studio work; I stay away from my inbox and work on my favorite things.

As far as small projects go, it's been all wedding invitations lately. Although I enjoy the design process, it's the mailing that I really love. Today's the day I get to send out Michelle and Matt's invitations. 

Michelle and Matt's Save the Dates /// This was the eighth of nine drafts. The first options weren't quite country enough.

First Meet

The first meeting with a bride is full of questions that may not initially seem relevant. I ask a lot about their guests, the agenda for the day, and the reception. Sometimes, if our meeting is too early in the process, the bride may not have all the answers I need to get started. In Michelle's case, she had all the answers, they just weren't what I expected.

The Details

How many invitations will you need?
I'm not sure yet.

Well, how many seats to you have? What's the capacity?
We're getting married in a field. We'll just put up as many seats as we need.

Ok. How many people are you planning to feed? What number did you give the caterer?
I think they said the hog will feed a little over 200.


Looking back on it, I totally see how my first drafts of their Save the Dates weren't country enough. (Please don't read this the wrong way. I'm very thankful to be invited; this party's going to be a blast.)

The Stamp

Appropriately enough, USPS happens to have a National Parks set of stamps out right now. It doesn't get more outdoorsy than that. My personal favorites feature buffalo in Yellowstone National Park and pines in Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park.



Title Image: Scott Webb via Unsplash