Folks that Inspire /// Handwriting / by Jen Bachelder

With the commonality and popularity of computers and smartphones, handwriting seems to be a skill that's disappearing. Outside of a post it or the occasional thank-you note, how often do you practice your handwriting? I remember just missing a 4.0 in middle school because of my handwriting grade. My handwriting grade. These days, they aren't even teaching cursive in school. Thankfully, there are a lot of Instagram accounts out there reminding us exactly how cool some proper handwriting can be.

Vichcraft (Jenna Blazevich)

Did you not expect an envelope to be first? I'm sure this is the most beautiful thing the IRS has ever received in the mail.

Adelina Writes

Adelina writes in a way that makes me disbelieve that she really wrote it. I can barely write recognizable letters. Adelina can write in recognizable fonts.

Timothy Goodman

Timothy's got a lot to say, especially about love and relationships. Lucky for us, he says it by writing it down. If he looks familiar, maybe you read 40 Days of Dating.

Tolga Girgin

That control. Le sigh.

Nim Ben-Reuven

Marking out each letter is just the beginning for Nim. Check out the incredible secondary details.

Verena Smit

This account is a little different than the others; there is only a very small bit that's handwritten. That bit just happens to be the most powerful.

If you see someone that I should see, let me know.


Title Image: Leonardo Wong via Unsplash