2017 Goals / by Jen Bachelder

I had a 2016 To Do. I made it in about 5 minutes, it lived in one of my sketchbooks, and I'm pretty sure I glanced at it all of 4 times last year. When I got curious at the end of December, it took me 20 minutes to figure out which sketchbook it was in. Once I found it, I was surprised to see that I'd actually knocked out a couple things on the list. Cool. More importantly, I was bummed to see that I'd totally failed at a few "gimme" items on the list. 

New year, new list, new tools.

Tool 1: Sharing

As "Sharing" has it's own set of sub-goals for this year, it would be silly not to share my progress. Heck, this blog post counts -- it'll be the only headway I've made on any goals when this is posted (Jan. 6).

Tool 2: Breaking Year-Long Goals Into Smaller Bites

I've grouped goals into categories so I can get a better grasp on where my time's going. When you look at the sheer number of sub-tasks under any particular studio goal, it would be easy to assume that group was going to require the most time, but when you break it down into estimates, that's not actually the case. There are a handful of shows I'd like to participate in this year; prep and participation time add up quickly.

I've got a few odd items I'm pulling out of the parking lot to create "Get Uncomfortable." I don't think I'll sink much time into those tasks, but the current goals are pretty small. As the year goes, that might change.

Goal Groups Distributed by Estimated Time Allotted

Tool 3: Tech and Reminders

I'm getting my tech involved. A reminder to get milk at the store is great, but how about a reminder to take the next step toward achieving a lofty goal? Sub-tasks and achievable goals for the win.

Monthly Tracking

Each month, I'll check back in here. I'll update the numbers in the graph below and check them against the pace. Each goal has a measurable component, so I'll just plot them all by percentage completed.

Here's to fresh goals and better habits.

2017 Goals


Title Image: Joel Filipe via Unsplash