Four years ago, I realized that my love for cut/paste was not going to die easily, and a few key commands were no longer satisfying the need. So I did the only logical thing there was to do --- I began collaging postcards and sending them to anyone I could think of. After creating the first 10 or so, I realized there was one small problem with my renewed love; my income as an intern was not going to pay for supplies. I began looking around my apartment for paper (okay, anything printed, really) that I didn't mind cutting up. It became obvious that no matter what my income, there was one resource that would continue to provide for my project. Garbage.

 Yes, at the end of the day, I am tearing things up just to put them back together again. Ideally, after the face-lift (even if it is branded with imperfections and irregularities), the end result becomes a little tougher to toss in the trash bin.

Sometimes a little spit and elbow grease can make one think twice about that "garbage" even means.

In the words of Debbie Millman, President of the design division at Sterling Brands, "While computers might set type in flawlessly accurate columns, things that are made by hand are beautiful by virtue of their irregularity. I see these imperfections as marks of dignity and integrity, and believe that they bear witness to the artist --and the human --in all of us" [Fingerprint].

I believe in using each of my own digits whenever possible.

Before the Trash

Along side a variety of freelance design and studio projects, I am currently working full time as the Creative & Event Producer at GasPedal and

I previous worked at Invisible Records as the Event Promotor for Martin’s international lecture series based on his book, Tour:Smart and Break the Band. I utilized many social media outlets in my promotions, including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and blogging. I worked closely with specific venue promoters to help ensure a great event. During this time, I also had the priviledge of taking on some of the series’ graphic design needs. A few of these pieces can be found in my portfolio.

In May of 2009, I graduated from Marietta College in Ohio with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design, as well as minors in both studio art and management. I am one of six students (in a class of 340) who completed the Honors Program. My education allowed me to become proficient on Macs and in Adobe Creative Suite, as well as a variety of other applications associated with Apple. My liberal arts education helped to develop a general knowledge in a variety of subjects outside of my field.

During the summer of 2008, I interned at Traffic Marketing, an alternative music marketing company, in London, England for ten weeks. This position allowed me to work face-to-face with many of the bands I promoted. One of my duties as an intern was to translate design concepts between the web designer and the founder of Traffic Marketing. I created mockups based on the founder’s concepts to minimize meeting time and miscommunications. This experience strengthened my ability to communicate with a non-designer client. 

I am currently open to taking on new clients and freelance projects. I would love to hear about your upcoming projects (the company you're starting, the t-shirts you've always wanted to make, etc). Please reach out to me! I want to talk about what you love.